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English: Each Pedia is entitled to their own Embassy, a page that represents their wiki on Intercyclopedia. Wikis that do not strictly come under the Uncyclomedia umbrella but have strong diplomatic links are entitled to a Consulate page. Ambassadors are sorted by language. Is your wiki not represented? Then, we recommend setting up a vote on your wiki (if there is a community). Ambassadors are representatives or spokesmen for their wiki. They speak in front of their community, so they have a certain responsability.


meta: Uncyclomedia Global Embassy
Carlb (server master), CartoonistHenning (spokesman)
pt: Desciclopédia Embaixada lusófona (Lusophone Embassy)
Alhazred (Chief Ambassador), Truewww (Vice Ambassador)

All other languages:

  • Wikia hosted: Wikia community
  • Uncyclomedia hosted (both for languages and projects): UnMeta community (this wiki)
  • Independent hosted: Appointed by local bureaucrat(s)
  • We would like to find new ambassadors for bar, es, fi, fr, nds !